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The Most Recent Pieces of Jewelry

Unique jewelry directly from the maker

Ainua Jewelry offers you beautifully crafted handmade jewelry that follows sustainable development principles. Each piece is carefully designed with attention to detail and made using high-quality materials, ensuring they remain beautiful and last for future generations.

Whether you're searching for a striking statement piece, design jewelry for a special occasion, or everyday accessories, the online store has a wide selection of jewelry suitable for various needs. If you can't find the specific piece you're looking for, I also provide custom-made jewelry tailored to your preferences. This can be a perfect option for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. Since I sell jewelry directly without intermediaries, a custom-made piece may be more affordable than you expect. Feel free to reach out and request a quote for your dream piece!


Jewelry Design, Custom Order Manufacturing, and Jewelry Repair

All custom orders include designing the jewelry together with you. Customer-centric design ensures that you get exactly the piece you desire. I bring my own expertise in design to the process. I visualize and refine your ideas by hand-drawing and 3D modeling. After the design phase, I meticulously handcraft the jewelry in my own workshop.  I also offer repair services for jewelry and replace lost stones with new ones. Your jewelry's beauty and sentimental value are my top priorities.


One of a kind jewelry according to the client's wishes. For example, anniversary gifts, graduation gifts, engagement rings, and wedding rings.


Handmade jewelry from the most common precious metals and also various recycled materials.


Jewelry repairing service and stone setting, as well as refurbish old pieces of jewelry.

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