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Custom Orders

If something can be dreamed of, it can be crafted

 You have come to the right place, if you are looking for a meaningful gift, an engagement or wedding ring, or something personal and beautiful for yourself or your loved ones. I am a professional designer, and the value of a customer-centric design process is self-evident for me. The preliminary conversation is the most crucial phase; in it, I will listen to the customer's wishes and ideas, and add my own expertise in jewelry design and the selection of gemstones and materials.

I have compiled some tips and information for you on how to choose and design the perfect ring.  It is advisable to expect the design and manufacturing processes to take at least a month. Ordering materials and gemstones can take weeks unless my Finnish provider already has them in stock. I do not store valuable gemstones or materials in my facilities, but instead, I order them as needed.

The jewelry design process unfolds through clear stages, from the first contact all the way to the final piece. Customer's desires and feedback throughout the different stages ensure that the end result is exactly what they envisioned.

The custom order process consists of six stages, starting with the initial discussion and concluding with the delivery of the finished jewelry to the customer

The Design Phase

Jewelry Sketches


The Initial Conversation

The customer contacts me and explains their wishes about the piece of jewelry. In this phase, we will outline the design's primary elements that should be present in the final product, such as materials, style, possible gemstones, and themes.


Quote and Contract

After the initial conversation, I will give the customer either a price estimate or a written quote. After the offer has been accepted, I will create a customer order contract, which specifies the obligations of the agreement.


Drafts for the customer

I will create at least three different design variations, which are either hand-drawn sketches or computer-made 3D models. I will send the sketches to the customer by email for the following phase. 

The Implementation Phase

Jewelry Sketches


Choosing the model 

The customer either chooses a preferred draft or combines them into a new concept. I am always ready for a discussion with the customer in order to create a functional implementation plan.


3D Model of the Design

I will create a 3D model based on conversations with the customer. I will send a link to the customer, so they can confirm they accept the 3D model after they are satisfied with it. It is still possible to make changes to the design during this phase. 


Manufacture and delivery 

I will craft the piece of jewelry according to the design. The piece of jewelry will be sent to the customer by mail in a stylish box; alternatively, the customer can pick their order from a location that is agreed upon in advance.

Examples of My Custom Orders

I have included a selection of my custom orders below. Most of these orders also carry a meaningful and symbolic story within them. At its best, a piece of jewelry is a memorabilia of an important event or a day, or a conversation opener; of course, it will also always provide aesthetic pleasure. What is the story or message that you wish to tell with your jewelry?

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