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Engagement and wedding rings

The tradition of exchanging engagement and wedding rings is very ancient. The ancient Egyptians began using rings as a symbolic gesture of eternal love. The circular shape of the ring symbolizes everlasting love. In ancient Rome, wedding rings were usually made of iron or copper, but later precious metals such as gold and silver started to be used. With the advent of Christianity, rings became a strong symbol of marriage and fidelity. Every culture has its own symbolic meanings for engagement and wedding rings. The common cultural significance is that engagement and wedding rings are a sign of commitment and a promise to love and be faithful to each other. Although the materials, shapes, and styles of the rings may vary, their symbolic meaning is universal and remains an important part of the tradition of engagement and wedding rings.

How to choose your dream ring

Choosing the perfect engagement or wedding ring can be challenging if you haven't purchased or commissioned custom rings before. I have gathered some tips for you on this page to help you in selecting and designing the perfect ring.

Proposal and purchase of an engagement ring and a wedding ring

Usually, the one proposing marriage is the one who acquires the engagement ring. In many cultures, the person proposing secretly obtains the engagement ring from their partner, and in such situations, the proposer often aims to surprise their partner in a unique and unexpected way, such as at their favorite place where they first met or in a particularly meaningful environment. A familiar and traditional approach for many is that the proposer kneels and makes the proposal on their knees. This gesture symbolizes humility and commitment. Often, during the proposal, a diamond ring is gifted, serving as a symbol of everlasting commitment. The ring is typically chosen based on the partner's preferences and style. Rings can also be acquired jointly without secrecy once the decision to get engaged has been made. Wedding rings are usually bought for both partners before the wedding ceremony. Traditionally, the wedding rings are exchanged during the wedding ceremony, symbolizing the union of marriage.

It's important to remember that every relationship is unique, and as such, proposals vary greatly from one couple to another. Some may prefer more traditional methods, while others may opt for more personalized and informal approaches. There is no right or wrong way to propose and get an engagement or wedding ring.

Wedding Rings
Wedding reception

Decide your budget for a ring

Before you start searching for rings, it is advisable to decide how much money you are willing to spend on them. Ring prices vary greatly depending on the materials used, the amount of work involved, and the size and quality of gemstones. Making the decision on how much you are willing to spend on rings right from the beginning can make the selection process easier. You can get a unique and eye-catching ring at an affordable price by choosing the right materials and gemstones.

Style and Ring Size

If you're not sure what kind of rings your partner likes, find out their preferences before making a purchase decision. You can ask them directly or ask them to show you pictures of rings they like. This will help you find rings that match their style. At the same time, you can determine your partner's ring size. If you want to do it secretly, you'll need to be a bit creative in finding out the size. One good trick is to measure the inside diameter of the ring they wear on their ring finger without them knowing. The measurement should be made with at least half a millimeter accuracy. A caliper is best suited for this purpose. You can buy one, for example, here. You can also print a ring sizing tool below.

Taking Rings from the Display Counter
Engagement ring materials yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, palladium, platinium

Choose the material of the ring

Engagement and wedding rings are usually made of precious metals such as yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum or palladium. In Finland, rings are typically made of either 14-carat or 18-carat gold. This means that in 14-carat gold, 58.5% is pure gold and the rest is other alloy metals. In 18-carat gold, the corresponding numbers are 75% gold and 25% other alloy metals. Explore different options and then choose the material that best suits your and your partner's preferences. It is generally thought that the brilliance of diamonds is accentuated in colorless precious metals. On the other hand, especially smaller diamonds stand out better in yellow or rose gold.

Choose Gemstones

If you want gemstones in the ring, consider beforehand what color and size of stones you want. The most common gemstones in engagement and wedding rings are diamonds. Other durable gemstones are also often used, such as sapphires, rubies, pink morganites, or synthetic stones like moissanites. The size and quality of the gemstones significantly affect the price of the ring and, of course, its appearance. Small diamonds are quite affordable, and an impressive ring can still be made by setting several stones side by side. So-called lab-grown diamonds are also genuine diamonds, but they are made in laboratory conditions. They are somewhat cheaper than diamonds mined from the ground and have become popular as an ecological option.

Lähikuva timanteista
Diamond cuts timantit kihlaosrmuksiin

Choose the Gemstone Cut

The picture shows different gemstone cuts. Round cuts are the most common and they are available in very small sizes, even as small as 0.7mm in diameter. Rings often feature gems such as brilliants or princess cuts, set in different ways. It's worth noting that larger stones are surprisingly tall. For this reason, larger stones often require their own unique setting, which greatly determines the appearance of the ring.

The rings' side profiles

The rings' side profiles can be roughly divided into three different categories.

  1. In the classic profile, the height of the band is the same throughout. This profile gives the ring a timeless appearance.

  2. In the raised profile, the height of the band increases towards the center stone. The raised profile adds some weight to the ring, but also brings a sense of grandeur to it.

  3. In the cathedral profile, the height of the band rises towards the center stone, like in the raised profile, but it is a more airy design. The band splits into two parts at the shoulders of the ring and they attach to the setting.

Any of the gemstones mentioned above can be set into these types of profiles, and side stones or smaller gemstones can also be added to the band.

Kihlasormuksen sivuprofiilit
Kihlasormusten yläprofiilit
The ring's top profile

When looking at a ring from the top, you can see the ring's top profile. Roughly classified, they can be divided into three main types.


A uniform-width band is the same width all around. The uniform band can also be slightly tapered at the bottom, giving it a lighter appearance.


A tapered band creates a light and festive look. It is often used in elevated or cathedral bands.


A reverse taper band is narrower at the outer edges than at the junction with the setting. This type of band is easily set with side stones.

Kihlasormusten rungon muoto

The cross-section of the shank

The traditional cross-section of an engagement or wedding ring is often semi-round. However, other options are also available. The image shows the most common cross-sections of ring shanks. For daily use, it is recommended to choose a sturdy enough ring shank. A thin shank easily bends into an oval shape. In addition, the shape of the inside of the ring has a significant impact on the comfort of use. Sufficient fillets in the inner corners make a ring comfortable to use.

Setting types for a ring shank

The channel setting is when stones are placed in a groove, leaving a thin metal wall on the sides.

The bead setting uses small beads to set the stones and their sides are cut to reflect light.

In the scallop setting, the settings are filed into the ring, leaving very little metal visible.

The surface bead setting sets the stones on the ring's surface using small beads.

In the prong setting, prongs hold the stones in place. The bar setting leaves a narrow bar between stones to keep them in place.

In the pavé setting, small stones are set very close together using small beads. In the frame setting, stones are set in a frame.

In the flush setting, stones are sunken into the metal rather than set in place with metal around the rim.

Timanttien istutustapoja sormuksen runkoon
Yleisiä kihla ja vihkisormusmalleja

Popular ring types

The solitaire ring with a crown setting represents sophistication and pure love. It is an excellent choice for a woman who values timeless beauty.

A bezel setting gives a modern look and is ideal for a confident and outgoing woman.

The halo ring is perfect for a fashionable and charming woman. The center stone is surrounded by small diamonds that enhance its brilliance.

A three-stone ring symbolizes the past, present, and future. This design is perfect for a woman who appreciates meaningful jewelry.

In a tension-set ring, the stone appears to float in the ring, making it an excellent option for a woman who loves minimalist modern styles.

In a cluster ring, multiple small stones are used instead of one large center stone. This design is a more affordable option for those who want a flashier look.

A split shank ring allows for a light, flashy, and unique look that's perfect for women who value individuality.

The vintage ring is ideal for a romantic and traditional woman who values historical values and the beauty of the past.

A custom-made ring is perfect for a woman with a unique artistic style who is not content with conventional designs.

Do you need assistance with designing an engagement or wedding ring?

I would be delighted to provide you with a proposal for designing and crafting a ring that matches your desires. I can also help refine your ideas and assist in selecting the perfect gemstones. Opting for a custom-made ring is the solution if you want a ring that truly reflects your unique style. Request a proposal from me - requesting a proposal does not commit you to anything. Take a look at the custom orders I have created here or on Instagram @ainuajewelry.

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