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A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Necklace


Elevate your style with the right necklace that not only complements any outfit but also becomes a focal point on your body. Exploring the fascinating science of body proportion, we'll guide you through the art of selecting the perfect necklace. Our journey begins by understanding standard lengths and discovering where these lengths fall on your unique body proportions.

Choose the correct lenght 

Necklaces come in standard lengths, but understanding where they fall on your unique body is crucial. Consider where you want the eye to land and which part of your body to highlight.

• On the Neck (36 cm): Wraps closely like a choker.

• Base of the Neck (40 cm): Falls around the base like a collar.

• Collarbone (42 cm): Sits elegantly on the collarbone.
 • Between Collarbone and Bust (45 -50 cm): Falls in the flat area between them.

• Top of Bust (50 - 55 cm): At or just above the top of the bust.

• Middle of Bust (traditionally 60-70 cm): Lands in the middle of the bust.

• Waist ( 80-100): Lands at the natural waist.


Factors to consider

• Necklace Shape: Pendant necklaces create a vertical line, lengthening and softening, while rounded necklaces add interest and volume.

• Necklace lenght: Measure accurately and consider the pendant size for a comfortable fit.

• Body Type: Choose necklace lengths to showcase your preferred areas and avoid drawing attention to undesired ones.

Face Shape

Necklaces serve a dual purpose as fabulous accessories and frame enhancers for your face. Your face shape plays a crucial role in choosing the right necklace:

• Round Faces: Avoid short necklaces or chokers, as they accentuate roundness.
Instead choose a lengthy necklace.

• Oval Faces: Enjoy the versatility of any necklace trend; almost any shape, length, or type suits oval faces.

• Narrow Faces: Opt for shorter necklaces to broaden the face shape, avoiding adding length.

• Heart-shaped Faces: Chokers or short necklaces work well, creating an illusion of fullness and balancing a narrow chin.



At its best, the design, materials, and length of the piece fit the wearer perfectly, allowing the necklace to sit beautifully on the neck, accentuating the wearer's best features, and serving as the focal point of the overall ensemble. Please note that these tips are indicative, and the overall impression is also influenced by clothing, hairstyle, as well as the materials used and their thickness

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