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Satisfaction Guarantee for Custom Orders

A satisfied customer is my most important goal. The satisfaction rate for my custom order is a staggering 100%. The secret of customer satisfaction lies in the customer-based design process, and in appreciating and absorbing feedback. I am a good listener, and can also provide fresh viewpoints during the drafting phase.

But you do not have to trust in my words alone; I also offer my custom orders a full satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your piece of jewelry, please inform me about it immediately. I will fix the unsatisfactory features free of charge. I wish to keep the satisfaction rate as high as possible in the future.



Diamond Ring
Unique earrings

Maija, Helsinki

I am extremely satisfied with the result. These earring gave my old, beloved jewelry a chance for new (and possible even more meaningful) life.

Happy jewelry owner

Sinikka, Rovaniemi

Both I and the gift's recipient were satisfied with the piece of jewelry. It is a true piece of art, in which all my wishes were refined into a stylish concept.

Jewelry customer

Pia, Oulu

A beautiful and unique piece of jewelry that fulfilled all my wishes. I especially appreciated the quality of communication and updates during the process.

Rings on Display
Unique earrings

Anu, Kempele

As a whole, the design and manufacturing process were immaculately professional. The design model met my visual expectations, and its dimensions were immensely accurate. I am very satisfied with the result.

Lion Pendant

Kyösti, Nurmijärvi

I ordered myself an impressive pendant that simply could not be found anywhere else. The pendant sees frequent use, and has also received a lot of attention from my friends. 

Jewelry model

Maija, Tampere

My engagement ring transformed from an idea into a complete plan quickly and easily. I especially liked to pick my preferred design from a variety of choices, and the result was exactly what I wanted. It was also nice to receive consistent updates about the manufacturing process.
I heartily recommend their services.

Let's create together your dream jewelry 

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