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The earrings have been created in collaboration with Your Finnish Friends Association (YFF). YFF is a Finnish registered organization that raises money to support Ukraine. The pendant is designed inspired by YFF's logo. The pendant depicts a bird formed by helping hands. You can read more about YFF here:

The proceeds from the sale of this pendant are used to support the purchase of medical equipment and protective gear for Finnish volunteers in Ukraine. We donate 30% of each pendant sale through YFF to Finnish volunteers in Ukraine.

When you purchase these earrings, you will receive a beautiful memento of your support for Finnish volunteers in Ukraine. The earrings are handmade in Finland from 925 silver, and the details are carefully engraved by hand. Acquiring these earrings is a beautiful way to express your support for Finnish volunteers in Ukraine and become part of the chain of helpers.

You can choose the earrings either with a polished finish or with a sparkly surface.

Helping hands earrings

Sales Tax Included
  • Height: 23 mm

    Width: 25 mm

    Thickness: 0.6 mm

    Weight: 1.5 g

    Material: 925 silver


  • Shipping within 3 business days of ordering

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