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In beautiful cosmic hues, simple forms radiate celestial beauty. A striking collection, including a pendant, earrings, and a ring. Crafted from heat-colored titanium. The coloring is done by hand with fire, making each set unique in coloration. Earring hooks are made of 925 silver, and the pendant chain is blackened steel. All designs are also available for individual purchase.

Cosmos Collection

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  • RING

    Ring sizes: 15 - 22

    Disc diameter: 18.5 mm

    Ring body: Half round, width 2.5 mm, height 2mm

    Weight: 2.7g

    Material: Titanium


    Size: diameter 20 mm

    Height with loop: 35 mm

    Thickness: 3 mm

    Weight: 3g

    Material: Titanium

    Chain material: Black steel

    Chain model: Rounded Venice chain 2.5mm length 50 cm


    Size: diameter 18mm

    Thickness: 4.3mm

    Weight: 1.9g

    Material: Titanium, hooks 925 silver

  • Shipping within 5 business days

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